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Down pipe is designed to only be used with proper tuning


Downpipe is made of 409 stainless and is bolt and clamp in 


2014-2019 RAM 


5'7" box requires trimming of 7"



14-19 RAM Ecodiesel Down Pipe

Sales Tax Included
  • Returns are not normally accepted for any reason, we put a lot of time and effort into our product and customer service.

    When purchasing this prodcut you are purchasing it with the knowledge that you are aware of what you are purchasing, at no point is the product you are recieving not what you have paid for.

    Under special circumstances we may accept returns if all or most of the following conditions are met. We will also take a fee of $300 no matter what. No labor or service work will be refunded for any reason.

    1: We have attempted to fix the same problem three times or more without a fix, not all vehicles are the same. One vehicle may be perfect, while the same tuning cause issues on another truck or car.

    2: We must recieve all the parts and tuning back with no damage whatsover and will inspect them. Handhelds must be returned 100% to stock or we will take an additional $200 fee. Computers must be returned, if we tuned your stock computer we require it back to flash it back to stock or there is no return whatsoever.

    3: You make no posts threatning or poor talking about this company, we take our products very seriously and will not be blackmailed into giving people free products.

    4. You absolutely will not create a paypal dispute or credit card dispute or we will end all communication and fight the disputes.

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