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How To Use The EZ-Lynk

Using the Ezlynk


  1. Purchase the Device 

  2. Flash Truck BEFORE installing any other parts

  3. Hook up a Battery Charger and set it to lowest charge

  4. Plug Auto Agent into your OBDII port

  5. Connect to AutoAgent via Wifi

  6. Connect to your Technician

  7. Go to ECU Profiles & Flash Your Tuning

Step 1: Buy an EZ-Lynk with Limited or Unlimited Support. 


Step 2: Tune your truck before removing the hard parts.

Make sure that you tune your truck before you even think about removing any parts. This way, if you have any trouble tuning your truck, you’re not dead in the water with a broken truck until Monday morning when we open back up. 


Step 3: Hook up a battery charger.

Before you start, grab your battery charger and hook it up to the truck, doesn’t matter if you have brand new high-end batteries and you just finished trickle charging them to 100%. If you don’t have a battery charger, get one and set it to a 10A charge. The new ECM’s are very sensitive to voltage and the flash can fail if the voltage drops too low. 


Step 4: Download the EZ-Lynk App.

Go to the App Store or the Google Play Store and download the EZ-Lynk Auto Agent App. Once the app has been downloaded and installed you can go ahead and make an account.


Step 5: Plug the EZ-Lynk into your OBDII .

You’re ready to plug in the EZ-Lynk into your OBDII port under the dash. If you’re flashing a 18+ Cummins you will need to connect the Bypass Cable at the same time. It only needs to be plugged in while you flash your tunes, however, it doesn’t hurt to leave it plugged in. In that case, you can run it through the firewall of the truck. 


Step 6: Connect to the Auto Agent.

Open your WIFI Settings and connect to the Auto Agent via Wifi on your phone or tablet. Once you are connected you can open up the app, and the Auto Agent should detect your VIN number and recognize the connection. 

You’ll need to link to the following technician:


Go ahead and accept this, it will now ask you for a little bit of information on your truck, once completed, your tuning files will be manually added to your device once you let me know everything is linked up. (IF YOU TEXT ME AT 9PM ON A SATURDAY DONT EXPECT FILES RIGHT AWAY.) You’ll start to get push notifications as each file comes through into your account.


Step 7: Flash Your Tuning. (If you have an ecodiesel you need to use the file that says flash first)

Now that you’re connected, the app will default to the main dashboard. From there you can select the button on the top left of the screen which will drop down a menu. From there, you select your vehicle, your truck should show up as the vehicle and give you a list of further options. Select ECU Profiles from that screen, this is where your tune files are stored, you’ll see a list of files.

Now that you know what you’re doing, you can go ahead and select the tune file you want to use on your truck. There is a cloud button to the right of the file name, it will pull the tune from the cloud and save it to your phone.


You’ll need Cell Service to download the tune files to your device.


You’ll need to disconnect Wifi from the Auto Agent and download these tune files via Wifi, then connect back to the EZ-Lynk Wifi after you’ve downloaded the tune.

Once the file is downloaded, you can press install and the EZ-Lynk will guide you through a Key On, Key-Off Procedure and the truck will flash. Once the tune has flashed into the truck, it will now say Installed under the tune file.

Once the truck is flashed you are good to go.  You can use the chat feature to connect directly to your technician and ask any technical questions you may have. You'll also be able to send your Data Logs to your technician if you're having any issues and they will be able to diagnose and possibly solve the problem without you bringing the truck into a shop.

If you don't plan on monitoring your parameters on your phone, you can unplug the EZ-Lynk. You only need it plugged in when you're using the App to monitor, flash, or diagnose. 

The main dashboard is where you can view the parameters, the tiles can be adjusted and moved to your preference by holding your finger down on any tile and choosing from a list.

Support Pack Only

If you already own an EZ-Lynk Auto Agent and just purchased a support package, you can add a technician to any account by clicking the top left button in the app and selecting 'Technicians'. There is a plus sign under this selection and you can manually type in any technician account (their email) from here. 

If the tuner has selected to auto-populate the files, as soon as it's linked, the Auto Agent will detect what truck you have and push you all the tune files for your truck. 

Now that you're all flashed up, you can go ahead and shut down the truck and install your Other Parts. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out, we'd be happy to walk you through it over email or a phone call. 

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