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How To Use The EZ-Lynk


Here is a quick overview:

  1. Purchase the Device & Include Your VIN Number

  2. Flash Truck BEFORE installing any other parts

  3. Hook up a Battery Charger and set it to lowest charge

  4. Download the newest version of HPTuners and drivers

  5. Plug HPTuners into computer and click info to sync device for credits

  6. Read engine and trans separate 

  7. Email us the engine and trans files

  8. Flash engine and trans tunes to vehicle

Step 1: Buy the HPTuners or full kit.

When you place your order, we require the VIN Number of your truck.

Step 2: Tune your truck before removing the hard parts.

Make sure that you tune your truck before you even think about removing any parts. This way, if you have any trouble tuning your truck, you’re not dead in the water with a broken truck until Monday morning when we open back up. 


Step 3: Hook up a battery charger.

Before you start, grab your battery charger and hook it up to the truck, doesn’t matter if you have brand new high-end batteries and you just finished trickle charging them to 100%. If you don’t have a battery charger, get one and set it to a 10A charge. The new ECM’s are very sensitive to voltage and the flash can fail if the voltage drops too low. 

Step 4: Download the newest version of HPTuners.

Download and install the newest version of HPTuners (HERE) also download and install the newest version of the drivers (HERE)


Step 5: Plug HPTuners into computer.

Plug HPTuners device into computer and open the software, once open click help tab then click resync device. This is how you will load the credits to your HPTuners device.


Step 6-7: Read vehicle.

Plug into vehicle and turn the key to run but with engine off. Click the flash tab then click get vehicle info. We want you to send the files over separate so make sure you only read one or the other do not read them both at once. Save the files as whatever name and attached the word engine or trans to the file. Now email us the files to ( and do not license the files you read, only license the files we send you when you write the vehicle.

Step 8: Write the vehicle.

This is a simple step as its the opposite of step six, you will write the engine and trans files to the vehicle making sure to use the drop down next to engine and select "write entire." The transmission you will select "write calibration."

Helpful Links and Videos

Please before contacting us with small questions use the following links, thank you.


Using Your Handheld Device 

Handheld software download 

Handheld instructions 

EGR brief explanation 

DPF Removal video


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Join this amazing Facebook affiliate group 

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Please keep in mind that the EcoDiesel world is very competitive, do all applicable research on your own and don’t let people scare you away from the best tuning you can get.


Thank you for your order and supporting us in the world’s current economy, I know I am very appreciative of it and so is the rest of the people who shop USA products.

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