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RAM Truck


Answers to our most commonly answered questions.

Do you have Stage 1 and Stage 2 tuning?

Yes we do. Just type in what you would like inside the Special Notes section.


What type of computer do I need for the tuning?

A windows computer currently is the only thing the software is set up for.


Does the Transmission Tuning help?

Absolutely! We keep the engine's RPMs in normal driving and towing for the proper

RPM range to prevent bottom end issues down the road.


How soon would my order ship?

Hard parts ship almost always next day. Handhelds can take up to seven business days if we don't have any on hand. If we do have some on hand, they will ship the next day. Computers take up to three weeks.


How long does Bench Tuning take?

Bench Tuning has a one day turn over.


Once I send my stock file in how long would it take to get a tune?

We have two weeks tops to get you a finished product ready to go. If the Calibration ID has already been done, then the time frame may be much sooner.


Can I make custom adjustments?

Yes, we are one of the few diesel companies out there that will allow you

to request custom changes. Better yet, we won't charge you for it.

What power levels do you offer?

Stage 2 we offer the following files: 70HP, 60HP, 50HP, LOPE, and 4BAR. 

Stage 1 we offer: 40HP


Do you update your tuning?

Yes, we do! We are continually updating.


What can I expect for Fuel Economy gains?

Customers are continually seeing 3-5MPG over stock on average with power files.


Does a cold air intake help?

Yes, it does! Only a very small amount needed though.

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