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Send us the pcm and we will turn it over in one day and send it back


All bench flahses will be 50hp unless requested higher power.


14-19 4th Generation Ram 1500

14-18 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Testing through our company truck and customer vehicles have shown the following:

- Fuel economy increase of 3-7mpg in Rams and 3-10 in Jeeps

- Faster warm up times

- No throttle lag

- Faster turbo spool time

- Sustained EGT under 1400 under WOT road conditions


Some notable changes

- Increased pilot in ranges to reduce engine noise

- Decreased pilot above 2400

- Decreased post to reduce exhaust temperatures

- Increased diesel timing to increase fuel economy and efficiency

- Turbo braking

- Temperature controlled High idle automatically lowered with break application

- Fine tuned vane control to help turbo spool faster

- Torque management adjustments to change torque limit of engine

- Injector pulse width changes to prevent excessive smoke and temperatures

- Vane control to quiet rumble at idle and decrease engine warm up time

- Trans and engine changes to prevent crank and bearing failures

14-19 EcoDiesel Bench Flash

PriceFrom $600.00
Sales Tax Included
  • NO RETURNS - under special circumstances we will charge a free up to 300 if item is returned

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