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All items ship typically withing 2-4 business days, do not contact us for shipping you will recieve shipping unfo as soon as its provided to us.


Transmissions tuning is automatically included for free


14-19 4th Generation Ram 1500

14-18 Jeep Grand Cherokee

18+ requires you to buy security bypass cable


Testing through our company truck and customer vehicles have shown the following:

- Fuel economy increase of 3-7mpg in Rams and 3-10 in Jeeps

- Faster warm up times

- No throttle lag

- Faster turbo spool time

- Sustained EGT under 1400 under WOT road conditions


Some notable changes

- Increased pilot in ranges to reduce engine noise

- Decreased pilot above 2400

- Decreased post to reduce exhaust temperatures

- Increased diesel timing to increase fuel economy and efficiency

- Turbo braking

- Temperature controlled High idle automatically lowered with break application

- Fine tuned vane control to help turbo spool faster

- Torque management adjustments to change torque limit of engine

- Injector pulse width changes to prevent excessive smoke and temperatures

- Vane control to quiet rumble at idle and decrease engine warm up time

- Trans and engine changes to prevent crank and bearing failures





  • Included in the EZ Lynk Auto Agent packaging, you will find the Auto Agent device, OBDII cable, a Cummins unlock cable (labeled as such), and a universal phone mount. 
  • For those interested in downloading the app (an emulation mode is available) click on the appropriate operating system:ANDRIOD orApple/iOS. 


  • When plugged into the vehicle’s OBD II port, this router-like connection creates a wireless access point that sends information from the CAN network to your iOS or Android device. It broadcasts a wireless access point which allows your device to be directly linked to your vehicle. 
  • Once the connection is created all of the vehicle’s identifiers (year, make, model, VIN, ECM & TCM strategy, etc) are populated and available to send off to a calibrator. 
  • At this point you can link up to your desired calibrator, should you choose. After linking, either via email or device serial number, the calibrator can then activate the calibration profiles which will populate under your “Profiles” tab.
  • Another nice feature is that your profile can be accessed with any iOS or Android device as long as you can download the app. 


  • Some of the biggest benefits to the EZ Lynk over other devices is the instant calibration access and data logging capabilities. These features are ideal for someone testing or competing at the drag strip where the need for quick file changes is important.
  • The datalog feature is unlike anything else currently on the market at this point and using it is a breeze. Within the dashboard, where the gauges lie, there’s a small red record button. Simply hit record and the device captures the CAN language in real time which can be sent to your calibrator. 
  • Additionally, this feature can be used to record intermittent driveability issues and the data can either be sent to your calibrator, your mechanic, or played back by you within the app. 
  • EZ Lynk can also read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).  These codes can be found under the “DTC” tab in the main menu. Most codes do include a short description as well. 


  • One of the most unique features with the EZ Lynk is the ability to use your phone as a monitoring device. The dashboard tab allows you to select between three layouts which include, tiles, gauges, and graphs. You can monitor up to 8 gauges at once depending on the view selected. 


  • Firmware updates are pushed out fairly frequently so you always have the most recent software and quick bug fixes. Updates are automatically prompted when an internet connection is present. 

14-19 EcoDiesel Ezlynk Full kit

PriceFrom $1,600.00
Sales Tax Included
  • NO RETURNS - under special circumstances we will charge a free up to 300 if item is returned

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