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The factory sensor is only a 3 bar map sensor can only read 43.511psi this includes atmospheric pressure which on average is 14.7 around sea level. Meaning it can only safely read 28.811psi, on top of that the pcm allows for over boost as much as 7psi over. Well if it can only read 28psi the overboost controls only help when you are below about 22 psi.


With the 4 bar map sensor we can read 58.0151 psi which means we can read up to 43.3151 psi, this gives us far more room to properly raise and control the boost. 


This sensor requires tuning to read properly


We will modify the max boost from 29 psi to 33psi, which will not only give us more power, but the ability to safely control the power without the risk of overboosting  and hurting the turbo or engine.


On one test vehicle we were able to spool the factory turbo to 56psi, so needless to say this product is an absolute must when it comes to keeping you engine safe.


14-18 Ecodiesel 4 bar Map sensor upgrade

Sales Tax Included
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